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Susan’s Christmas Shop celebrates the creativity of hand made ornaments,  nativities, and other items that have passed through the doors of Susan’s Christmas over the last forty-two years. This book is the most personal of all Susan’s books. It tells how she got started making Christmas ornaments in 1969, why she created Susan’s Christmas Shop in 1978 and it tells stories about the individual items shown.

Susan‘s Christmas Shop is a hard cover book of 160 pages with a dust jacket. The front cover of the dust jacket shows a peek into the shop through the front door. The back cover peeks through the back door.  It is  a pastel by Susan’s son, Andrew Weber.

Susan is reducing the price of Susan’s Christmas Shop to make room for a thousand more copies of her two nativity books. If you buy four copies, you can get an even better deal for $60.

Susan is pleased to personalize any books for you. Let us know.


$22.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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